Customer Cancellation Policy

Customer Missed Pick  Up/"NOT OUT" Policy

Customer Late Payment Policy

Customers of Crush Disposal have the right to cancel services at anytime.  Please note that Crush Disposal will not give refunds for services if customers choose to cancel services early and or prior to services paid to each quarters ending period.  Crush Disposal will continue to offer services paid by each customer for the period paid in advance.  Crush Disposal invoices customers prior to each new quarter.  Every customer of Crush Disposal will pay for each quarter in advance and billing is sent out thirty (30) days prior to each new billing cycle.  If cancellation is desired by a customer of Crush Disposal a twenty (20) day notice is required in witting or via e-mail to Crush Disposal during each new billing cycle and or PRIOR to the current quarters ending period.  If notice is NOT given after the allotted time for cancellation the customer is responsible for completion of the upcoming quarterly services and no refunds will be given by Crush Disposal.

Crush Disposal customers are required to place their waste containers out before 7 am or the night before their scheduled pick up day.  If the customer fails to place their waste and recycle out in a timely manner our drivers will continue to the next customer on the route and place a "not out" on the route sheet designated for that day of pick up.  If a "not out" is stated by the driver, the customer will be required to wait until their next scheduled pick up day the following week.  No courtesy pick up will be offered. 

Our drivers work diligently to ensure all customers are picked up each week.  However, if our drivers make a mistake and miss the customer, we will work hard to ensure that our customers are picked up within the week of their missed pick up or the as soon as possible at the beginning of the following week depending on their scheduled day of pick up. 

Established Crush Disposal customers are sent invoices for the upcoming billing cycle thirty (30) days in advance prior to the next quarter start.  Customers are given this time to pay their bill within this time frame.  If the customer fails to pay the invoice by the due date stated on the invoice, services will be suspended by Crush Disposal until the quarterly dues are PAID IN FULL.  

New customers with Crush Disposal starting during a current and already going billing cycle will be required to pay for services by the their assigned start date.  If the customer fails to pay the invoice Crush Disposal will suspend services until the invoice is PAID IN FULL.   **All Crush Disposal Customers who are placed on a "suspended" status due to nonpayment and pay the invoice will have to wait until the following week for pick up and no courtesy pick up will occur for all customers.

*Please note Crush Disposal will not offer any credit for missed weeks of service due to nonpayment.